Hemp Depot

Hemp Depot is a bulk industrial hemp grower and processor located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They maintain active licenses for both Growing and Processing with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Their Hemp is grown organically on over 1800 acres using only OMRI approved products and organic certification is in process currently. Their processing is completed using CO2 and is also organic through distillation. Organic certification has also been applied for on the production of this base product.

The farm, where much of the hemp is grown, has not been farmed in over 20 years previous to 2017. The extract itself is sought-after by many of the leading companies in the nation for it’s high quality and cleanliness.

Our products are manufactured under cGMP standards in a high standard atmosphere. All employees have been through Safety and Sanitation Courses, along with Blood Born Pathogens and Cross Contamination Awareness Classes.