Baesler Family Farm

Cannatrait is a bulk grower and processor located in Lexington, Kentucky. We maintain active licenses for both Growing and Processing with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Our Hemp is grown organically using only OMRI approved products and organic certification is in process currently. Our processing is completed using ethanol and is also organic through distillation. Organic certification has also been applied for the production of this base product.

The farm, where much of our hemp is grown, has been operated by our family for over 35 years. Ironically, the farm was also managed by the Baesler family as tenant farmer starting in the 1940’s.

The company consist of three generations of Baeslers, the oldest being Scotty and Alice Baesler. They have been farming for over 60 years. Crops have included everything from Alfalfa Hay to Tobacco. Alice is the license holder for the operation. As a side note, she has received the Thomas Poe Cooper Distinguished Farm Leadership Award, The University of Kentucky’s Human and Environmental Sciences Centennial Laureate Award and the Kentucky Women in Agriculture’s Laura Clay Award.

The next generation is Scott Baesler. He works with R&D and Marketing of the product. He is a licensed Engineer with backgrounds in Biology and Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. His farming career is nowhere close to as illustrious as his parent’s, but he has worked in farming for several years. His main line of experience is the engineering and construction of Food and Beverage Plants. This includes the technology as well as the safety behind the design and implementation for food and Beverage production.

The third and final generation is Fritts Baesler. His work includes the Cloning and Growth Management for the hemp strain which he developed in Boulder, Colorado in 2015. His focus both in education and experience has been organics and he has extended that knowledge to our operation. He recently returned from a four-month sabbatical in which he lived with the Masai tribe in African to study the origins of organic farming.