Pain Relief Bundle



This powerful combination of products provides a healthy alternative to treating pain and discomfort.

Our ESOHealth Peppermint Pain Cream penetrates deeply providing much needed relief to sore and achy muscles.

Our Mango Butter Salve not only nourishes dry and damaged skin but also serves as an effective pain reliever and reduces swelling.

Adding a daily dose of our ESOHealth Full Spectrum CBD Oil will support your path to health and wellness by providing all- natural pain relief in one of several delightful flavors. Our pharmaceutical-grade product uses extracts from the entire plant. This means you get a large spectrum of phytocannabinoids, terpenes and fats. We suspend these in an organic Coconut MCT oil which is an ideal agent for distributing cannabinoids. And you can feel confident about your purchase because we always conduct third-party testing to ensure quality and cleanliness.